Raise your hand if you’ve ever experienced a slow Wi-Fi connection. Frustrating, right? All you want to do is watch the newest viral video of a cat doing something completely outlandish when you realize you’re working with only 2 measly Wi-Fi bars, effectively jamming the clip right before the cat accomplishes some sort of ridiculous human-like feat never seen before. Yes, extremely frustrating.



Luckily there’s some good news. Equipped with the proper knowledge, you can easily make sure to never miss out on unprecedented life-changing cat behaviours ever again! Follow these 6 simple tips to ensure a reliable Wi-Fi connection:


1) Make sure you have the latest technology: call your internet provider and ask them if you have the newest modem and router.


2) Make sure your firmware is up to date: visit the website for your router and see if there are any updates.


3) Get a dual band router: this has a 2.4GHz band as well as a 5GHz band to help improve your signal.


4) Check your channels: make sure you’re not using the same channels as your neighbours since traffic will interfere with your router.


5) Refresh your router once a week: unplug it for 20 seconds to reboot the connection.


6) Use a range extender: plug it into an outlet located at a distance from the router to extend your range.


And there you have it – 6 easy steps to a strong and reliable Wi-Fi connection so you can stay up to date on the latest viral cat videos… and other less important things found on the internet.