Okay let’s be honest – how often do you actually click, open, and read emails from miscellaneous companies found in your inbox? Like any normal human being; not very often. When you scroll through your mail you quickly scan for important things such as money transfers, greetings from abroad, and angry notices from your boss – never mind some random company you subscribed to months back.

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It’s rather unfortunate since email, if composed properly, remains one of the most efficient and valuable methods of communication and marketing. Since it’s convenient, as well as professional yet personal, it’s perfect for businesses to connect with their recipients. Here are 9 tips to help urge clicks in email marketing:

1) Segment your audience: Smaller groups allow for more specific emails. The larger the mailing list, the more assorted subscriber demographics become.

2) Personalize your message: Use individual names rather than generic openers; tailor content specific to what a subscriber has done in the past.

3) Formulate captivating subject line: The purpose of this line is to get your email opened. Adjust the length, jargon, sentiment, and phrasing in order to make sure your email is read.

4) Optimize for mobile: A significant portion of emails are opened on mobile phones or tablets. It’s paramount that your emails are viewable on such platforms.

5) Keep it short: Nobody wants to read a long email. Quickly get to the point and demonstrate the value of your content in a succinct and concise manner.

6) Give direction: Tell your audience what they should do next. If you leave it up to them or assume they know what to do, you leave room for unfavourable results.

7) Ask questions: This is a great way to generate discussions. Questions can also be utilized as the subject line.

8) Add a “P.S.”: Postscript messages can be used as a hook to include additional benefits independent of the main subject. This can be used to present a special offer in order to induce readers to click.

icon_MERKEN_4Now you’re ready to accomplish email marketing the right way!

Follow these 8 simple strategies to make sure your readers are clicking exactly where they should be.