Over the past year or two, you may have heard some chatter about the implementation of Wi-Fi inside of automobiles. Not surprising considering rapid advancements in technology coupled with the need for people to stay connected.


According to Jason Walker, General Manager of Ballweg Ford in Sauk City, Ford has been offering Wi-Fi capabilities in its vehicles for approximately two years now. Walker says the technology allows passengers to connect to the internet through their phones, laptops, or tablets.



This luxury may very well be the latest trend in automotive technology. However, police speculate it could also be dangerous if not utilized in the proper manner. Middleton Police Officer Jill Tutaj acknowledges the growing popularity of Wi-Fi in cars, but advises against its use while driving. Tutaj states that “A lot of people are distracted while driving. Wi-Fi is another temptation, another distraction that’s going to be there.”


So is Wi-Fi inside of cars just a convenient luxury or a serious safety hazard? Ultimately, it comes down to the way in which it’s used. Walker supports this notion by claiming “It’s not so much for the person driving but for the other people in the vehicle.” In other words, it’s okay for your kids to watch YouTube videos in the backseat, but you definitely shouldn’t be browsing the internet while in the driver’s seat.


At the end of the day, the responsibility lies in the hands of the driver. Tutaj affirms that “You have to leave it up to the driver to be responsible and to make the right decisions.” Since there’s a growing trend of Wi-Fi capabilities in automobiles, it’s important to be aware of its risks when used inappropriately so that it can be enjoyed for its obvious benefits.