Raise your hand if you have a smartphone. Just kidding, we know everyone has one – it’s 2015. Well here’s a serious question for you: If your phone can use Wi-Fi to make calls, send texts, and run apps, then why are you paying for your mobile data plan?

**Major epiphany, re-thinks entire existence**

Scratch Wireless is asking the same question. The company proposes a Wi-Fi only smartphone that connects with available internet through open wireless networks. You’re probably asking yourself how this would work in areas where Wi-Fi just simply isn’t accessible. Scratch has a deal in place with Sprint in which customers can acquire passes to obtain cellular access to the nationwide network.


Is this too good to be true? It might just be since it should be noted that the Coolpad Arise probably won’t be an upgrade on your current smartphone. With a 4 inch display and a measly 2 megapixel camera, don’t expect the same features found on the newest iPhone or Android device.

So the call is yours: a better smartphone or a budget conscious mobile plan? For those who would rather economize to use their phone, the Coolpad Arise might be the answer.